Have you ever seen someone who had a certain something, they were chic, confident, and comfortable in their own skin. Effortlessly chic as I like to call it.  They had a “great sense of style.”

“Great sense of style – “a particular individual’s set of ideas about style and taste, along with it’s expression.”

I have personally always thought Jennifer Aniston has a “Great sense of style.”

In Ratatouille, Auguste Gusteau’s philosophy was “Anyone can cook!”  At The Magical Stylist, my philosophy is “Anyone can have a great sense of style!”  All you need is the right “Style Cookbook” filled with Wardrobe Recipes to help you achieve it. That’s where a Shop Your Closet session comes in.

Here’s how it works.

  • First, you request a free consultation call where we spend about half an hour getting to know one another and discuss your wardrobe goals.
  • Next, we schedule your session and I send you instructions to prep your closet and a list of information I need to prepare for your session.
  • Our virtual session will be conducted via Facetime or Facebook Messenger Video chat and last approximately 2 hours. During this time you show me wardrobe pieces that you both love and hate, as well as your “go to” outfits. I give you closet organization suggestions to make getting ready a fun experience you look forward to every day.
  • Afterwards, you will send me pictures of your clothing, shoes and accessories so that I can create your Style Cookbook filled with at least 30 Wardrobe Recipes created specifically from the items you own based on your body type, shape, coloring and personality. I will also include recommendations for items to complete your wardrobe.
  • After you’ve had your Style Cookbook for two weeks I will touch base to see how things are going and answer any questions you have for me.

Wardrobe Recipes are laid out just like a cooking recipe with a list of ingredients (clothes), add ins (accessories), wardrobe staples (undergarments) and instructions on how to put it together and variations to help keep your look fresh.  Check out the example below.


  1. Chambray button up
  2. White sequin tank
  3. Dark bootcut jeans
  4. Leopard booties

Add ins – Turquoise necklace, Blue Swarovski ring, Beaded bracelets, Leopard skinny belt, White retro handbag

 Wardrobe staples – nude T-shirt bra, boy shorts, high waisted compression shorts, brown socks

Instructions: fully tuck the tank into the jeans, leave the top 3 buttons of the chambray shirt undone then front tuck, add your belt and shoes, finshish your look by adding your jewelry, remember your necklace should rest on your upper chest above the tank.


  • In spring or summer white jeans can be substituted, add metallic or colorful sandals/ flats.
  • Exchange turquoise necklace with a statement pearl piece to change up the look.
  • Exchange the chambray shirt for a white button up and use a navy and white striped tank.
  • Replace the white handbag with a coral one for a nice pop of color.

A Shop Your Closet session is priced at $195, but the Grand Opening Special is just $125!!  Act fast, this special is good through May 31, 2019!! To schedule your Shop Your Closet session at this low introductory price send an email to: donnakay@themagicalstylist.com today.

Live stylishly!!

Donna Kay


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